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CBH Group Events  «Drawing one’s own conclusion»

«Drawing one's own conclusion»

A long-standing partner of the renowned Museum of Art & History (MAH) in Geneva, CBH Bank proudly supports their latest major exhibition: «Pas besoin d’un dessin» (literally «No need for a drawing», meaning  «To draw one’s own conclusion»).

This latest exhibition is the second in a series of «Carte Blanche» exhibitions. This time around, the keys of the Museum were given to Jean-Hubert Martin, a French art historian and exhibition designer famous for his experience in setting up cross-disciplinary exhibitions.

From January 28th to June 19th, 2022, visitors are invited to dive into more than 500 works from all artistic and historical fields of the MAH’s collection. The public is encouraged to observe, feel and embrace this collective treasure, in all its fascinating diversity. Through play, toggling and analogy, some of the Museum’s best-known works enter into a dialogue with unique objects that may have sometimes escaped our attention. The Museum reveals itself in a new light and sets the scene for our aspirations.

We wish you an enriching visit.