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CBH Group Events  “The Order of Things” with CBH Bank

«The Order of Things» with CBH Bank

As a long-standing partner of the renowned Museum of Art & History (MAH) in Geneva, CBH Bank is proud to support its latest major exhibition: “The Order of Things”. Wim Delvoye is the fourth artist to use the museum’s collections and spaces to create a unique exhibition and display his vision: an original artistic and aesthetic experience that deeply explores our relationship with art and the objects that surround us.

One can say that Wim Delvoye is an artist who is passionate about things and artefacts, whether they are recognized works of art or simple objects. When the artist’s appetite met the incredibly rich storage spaces of the MAH, the idea of an exhibition arose. Pieces from the museum’s collection will partake in a game of reflection and contrast with works by Delvoye himself. The material accumulation, the mania of collecting, and the effects of formal and aesthetic echoes that emerge through the presentation all create a very tenuous narrative.

“He has an extraordinary knowledge of art; it’s deeper than that of most artists. He’s also passionate about seeking out things in hidden corners that people might have forgotten.” explains MAH director Marc-Olivier Wahler.

From January 26th to June 16th, 2024, the museum will become a living matter, a medium that opens up a journey as a way to better respond to the presentations of the artist who becomes at once a hunter, a collector and a curator of extraordinary associations.

Make the most of your visit to this highly anticipated exhibition.