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CBH Group Events  “Walk on the Water” with CBH Bank

«Walk on the Water» with CBH Bank

As a patron of the exhibition « Walk on the water», CBH is pleased to renew once more this year its support of the Museum of Art & History (MAH), an institution which is such a strong part of the Geneva identity.

The Viennese artist and performer Lena Jakob Knebl has been given carte blanche to take over the MAH collection, allowing her creativity to fully express itself. Disconcerting universes created by the contiguity of elements encourage the visitor to expand his/her points of view on the museum and its collections.

From March 2nd to June 27th, 2021, the temporary exhibition spaces and the permanent collection host a series of scenographic installations that intend to change the way we look at the body and the objects.

We wish you an enriching visit.