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Révélations - Photographs in Geneva - Musée Rath

In the context of our ongoing interest in the Arts and cultural events and our partnership with the Musée d’art et d’histoire de Genève , Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique SA is pleased to announce its participation to the exhibition: “Révélations – Photographies à Genève“.

“Since its invention in 1839, photography was rapidly put to use in different scientific, artistic and documentary fields, while boasting a remarkable rate of technological advancement. Come to be a popular pastime, photography today constitutes a distinctive heritage, simultaneously subject and object of knowledge, an invaluable platform for remembrance and a constantly renewed artistic material.

Thanks to a partnership with the Bibliothèque de Genève and the contributing participation of thirteen other institutions, Révélations provides an overview of Genevan photography from the first daguerreotypes by Jean-Gabriel Eynard to contemporary local, national and international production, by way of archaeological explorations, portraits, scientific imaging, humanitarian actions and urban archives.

At a time when everyone is a photographer, these different offerings pursue a double objective : understanding the place held by photography within the institutions that hold it and appreciating the rich possibilities and variety of uses of a multi-faceted medium in constant evolution.”

The exhibition will take place at the Musée Rath from the 27th of May to the 11th of September 2016. The official and public opening will take place on Thursday, May the 26th.