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CBH Group Events  Festival Images Vevey 2020 – Visual Arts Biennial

Festival Images Vevey 2020

As official partner of the Festival Images Vevey, CBH is pleased to announce its participation in the most important visual arts biennial in Switzerland.

From 5 to 27 September 2020, the Festival will show around 50 artworks in the streets and outdoors of Vevey investigating the theme of « Unexpected. Le hasard des choses », the role of chance in human lives. Rarely a theme has been more appropriate to the current circumstances we are experiencing on a global level. The reassuring cause-effect relationship, unmissable element of our learning systems, is broken in the artwork which narrates the unpredictable and incomprehensible.

More than philosophy, which stands on concepts, art has the power of representing a mystery which is not translatable in words, of acceding in a non-intellectual way to a truth which would otherwise remain inaccessible.

59 artists from 17 countries will catch the visitors’ attention and will dialogue with them in the universal language of art.

Not to be missed.