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CBH Group Events  Hodler 2018 & Parallélisme Exhibition

Hodler 2018 & Parallélisme Exhibition

As a long-time partner of the Musée d’art et d’histoire of Geneva, Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique SA is delighted to announce its participation in one of the major events of Geneva’s cultural calendar of 2018, the celebrations of the centenary of the passing of one of the most eminent Swiss painter, Ferdinand Hodler.

Throughout 2018, it is with no less than six exhibitions, concerts, symposiums and other events in various local venues, but also at the Kunstmuseum of Bern that this tribute will take place. It will revolve around a central event, the exhibition “Hodler // Parallelism” to be held at the Musée d’art et d’histoire in Geneva from April 20 to August 19, 2018 and then at the Kunstmuseum of Bern on September 14, 2018 to January 13, 2019.

“The Kunstmuseum Bern and the Museums of Art and History of Geneva – located in the birth and death cities of the artist – have decided to join their collections and their forces to propose, with the support of other Swiss institutions and numerous private lenders, an exhibition of about 80 paintings, which will make it possible to embrace the career of Hodler, to establish the links he knotted between his paintings and to decipher his pictorial ambitions. The exhibition is based on the postulates of a conference of the artist given in Freiburg in 1897 under the name of The artist’s mission, which exposed the great aesthetic principles of his work. He defined the notion of parallelism, freed from his studies of nature and men. In this apprehension of the universe, Hodler developed the theory of his work. The exhibition shows the correspondences that he establishes within his work, but also between the paintings themselves: parallelism of the compositions, but also feelings that respond from one canvas to another. “

Our Clientele wishing to attend this event can contact us to obtain invitations to the inauguration party to be held Thursday, April 19 at 18h.