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CBH Group Events  Septembre musical 2021 Festival

Septembre musical 2021 Festival

As a sponsor of the 75th edition of the « Septembre Musical » Festival, CBH is pleased to renew its support of this renowned event. An involvement that the pandemic has made even more crucial to the survival of the arts. In fact, « culture is an essential human need », as Mischa Damev, director of the festival, says, and we trust in culture to guide us through this particular time.

Protagonist of this year: the Swiss cultural heritage in all its forms. Classical music, traditional music, but also cooking and visual arts in particular will animate the «off» festival.

The festival will take place from 18th to 30th September in the majestic settings of the Vaud Riviera, subject to the evolution of the pandemic and in compliance with the sanitary measures. For more information on the program and to book your tickets, please visit the Festival’s website.

We wish you all a musical September.