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Payment Cards

Payment Cards

Select the Card that best suits your needs

As a principal member of Visa, CBH Bank provides you with a universal means of payment that will accompany you anywhere in the world. When opening an account with CBH Bank, you benefit from a distinctive choice of cards with a wide variety of selected benefits suited to your unique lifestyle.

As a CBH Client, you get much more than a wealth manager—we become your day-to-day bank. From prepaid to credit cards, we offer competitive rates and valuable benefits. We offer a comprehensive range of Visa payment cards covering a wide variety of services tailored to your daily needs and transactions.

Whether you wish to maintain control over your spending with a worldwide cashless means of payment, or choose to manage your spending limit yourself in our secure Helveticard mobile app, our prepaid and credit cards offering covers all your requirements.


Manage your cards at all times with our secure Helveticard mobile App.

As a CBH cardholder, you have access to our secure Helveticard mobile App (available on the Apple AppStore and Google Play). No matter how many cards you have, the Helveticard App allows you to keep track of all your payments. In the App you can manage transaction notifications, card blocking, activation and deactivation, receive monthly statements and analytics, as well as view your PIN code.

With Helveticard you stay in control of your portfolio of cards.


Swiss reliability and production for your card universe.

We only work with certified partners for maximum security.

3-D Secure – The additional security layer for your online credit and debit card transactions.

Cards manufactured and personalized in Switzerland.

All data is securely stored in-house and on a local server in Switzerland.

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