Research & Insights

Research & Insights

CBH Bank has a strong proprietary research and believes that the analyses, conclusions and expectations resulting from this research are essential to portfolio management. We prepare our publications for our clients and their advisors to help them in their investment decisions.

The basis of our economic research is the Quarterly Insight, published quarterly and carefully edited to highlight our medium-term macro view for major markets (equity, debt, forex and commodities). In addition, we publish a Weekly Insight every Monday in bullet-point format, providing market data and comment.

For direct investors we also offer a full recommendation list for equities, bonds, funds and ETFs.

As an added bonus, we also regularly propose a range of investment themes corresponding to the financial environment, and suggest option strategies to directly implement these themes.

If you are one of our clients, your wealth manager will be delighted to subscribe you to the publications you are interested in, which you can receive automatically by email or by post.