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CBH Group News  Quarterly Insight – Summer 2021

Quarterly Insight - Summer 2021

The latest Quarterly Insight is here with refreshed views on asset allocation, macroeconomic scenario, asset classes and market performances.

As developed nations near the last phase of their vaccination campaigns and developing nations accelerate on jabs, prospects for the economic recovery of 2021 to even out are rising. Variants of concern create some risks and warrant monitoring of the UK situation in particular, which for the time being shows resilience.

We also discuss what the word “transitory” could mean for existing inflation pressures as supply chains reset.

The team then discusses why the strong economic backdrop of the second quarter should lead to a positive results season in July, potentially bringing additional comfort for risk assets despite arguably stretched valuations and hovering inflationary pressures.

More traditionally, you will also find out our refreshed views on fixed income assets, our favored equity themes, as well as our views on commodities and currencies for the coming months.