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Credit Solutions

Credit Solutions

Free up funds for your new projects

Investment opportunities can arise at any time, and seizing them requires financial agility. As the complexity of transactions increases, so does the need to analyze and structure the right financing solution. Whether you want to increase your return on investments, diversify them, or choose a low-cash strategy, several financing solutions are available to you.

Lombard Loans

Lombard loans allow clients to increase their liquidity by pledging their assets based on their collateral value. This allows to raise additional capital while retaining the advantages and potential returns of their existing assets, without having to divest or sell them.

Fully collateralized bank guarantees

Bank guarantees are used to reduce the risk associated with an international business transaction, where the parties may not know each other and where the financial institution vouches for the debtor. We help companies secure their transactions by providing these guarantees.

Mortgage loans

For clients who wish to finance the acquisition of a new property, land or any other type of real estate, or to obtain liquidity without having to sell their assets, a mortgage loan allows them to obtain financing while the property serves as collateral to secure the loan.

Financing solutions

Through our established relationships with financing banks or mortgage brokers, we are able to provide you with the financial flexibility to support the purchase or sale of works of art, investments in aircraft and/or yachts, as well as other non-liquid assets financing.