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Trading & Execution

Trading & Execution

Unlock the limitless potential of your investments

Gain access to the world’s most reputable counterparties and to an investment universe that spans most instruments and extends beyond borders. Understand your investment environment, access market indices, their performance and components, and track securities and commodities closely.

Enjoy a unique trading experience

We will provide you with a modern trading floor and a state of the art execution platform that enables you to complete trades efficiently and accurately, while minimizing risk in the portfolios or optimizing profitability.


— Developed and emerging markets
— Primary and secondary markets
— Fundamental and relative value analysis
— Hard and local currencies
— Sovereign debt, corporate credit and financials


— Long and short-term investments
— Capital appreciation and dividend income
— Expertise in all main markets
— Stock analysis and stock picking
— Risk management

Forex & Precious metals

— Spot, Forward, Swap
— Vanilla, exotic and complex OTC options
— Physical precious metals: coins and bars
— Non-physical precious metals: ETFs, Futures, Options, Funds, Certificates

Structured Products

— Underlying assets: equities, indexes, forex, precious metals, credit and interest rates
— Types of products: participation, yield with guaranteed coupons, early redemption, hedging, etc.

Investment Funds

— Open architecture through partnerships with asset managers
— A range of 1618 Funds replicating the Bank’s investment strategy
— Strategy implementation through internal and external investment funds
— Broad range of physically and synthetically replicated ETFs across multiple asset classes

The Trading desk remains open during UK, European, North American and Asian trading hours. The value of investments may fall as well as rise and clients may not get back what they originally invested.