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Investment Services

Investment Services

Creativity and excellence at the heart of banking services

We articulate our investment services offer around two models of banking interaction: Advisory and Portfolio Management. They differ in the form of collaboration, in the responsibility of the decision-making process, and in the reference points of contact.


Advisory is an investment service designed to guide Clients in their investment decisions while retaining control. Clients have access to a trusted partner with whom to analyze and discuss all aspects of their investment objectives and decisions while their Relationship Manager provides investment recommendations and bespoke investment ideas.
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Portfolio Management

Discretionary Portfolio Management is an investment service for Clients who wish to benefit from the expertise of dedicated financial professionals by delegating the management of their asset portfolio. By understanding your needs and risk appetite, the investment team creates solutions that seamlessly align your investments with your financial objectives.
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Market Access

We deliver round-the-clock access to the financial markets. With our global market coverage and state-of-the-art execution capabilities, we provide a platform that allows you to implement a wide range of investment strategies and exposures. We cover all financial instruments and work with the most reputable counterparties across the globe.
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