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CBH Group Events  Exhibition – The Antique Season of the MAH Geneva

Exhibition - The Antique Season of the MAH Geneva

As a long-time partner of the Geneva Museum of art and history with whom close ties have been established, CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique SA is pleased to announce, for the year 2019, its participation to the “Antique Season” following the sumptuous “Hodler Year” in 2018.

The main event“Caesar and the Rhone. – Ancient masterpieces from Arles” will present exceptional works, many of which have been found in the Rhône River. Never or rarely lent by the Arles Departmental Museum, like a bronze representing a captive or enigmatic marble bust attributed by its discoverers to Julius Caesar, these pieces reveal the past of the Roman colony of Arles, founded in 46 BC. J. – C. by the famous dictator.”

This exhibition will take a historical look at an unprecedented dialogue between the rich Roman collections unearthed in Geneva, exceptional archaeological discoveries made in Arles, as well as objects emblematic of ancient Provence lent by the Louvre Museum.

To this major event will be added other exhibitions, all following the same theme: Antiquity, ranging from the representation of “Ovid’s Metamorphoses” to a selection of works testifying to the knowledge and perception of Antiquity, this, in the various places that make up the Museum of art and history.