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Expatriate Solutions

Expatriate Solutions

We are expatriates ourselves and we understand your needs

CBH Asia has an experienced team of expatriate specialists who focus on enhancing the wealth of our expatriate clients, helping them maximize the financial benefits of working abroad. Our success in this area is the result of our uncompromising approach to providing holistic and trusted advice, whilst at all times working in the best interest of clients.

In addition to addressing key fundamental financial planning issues, our team provides solutions for the more complex tax and investment scenarios, which our clients will inevitably face at some stage in their lives.

CBH Asia also utilises the specialist knowledge and expertise of trusted external partners to broaden the scope of our value added services offered to our clients. These expatriate services would typically include pension advice, tax structuring and the establishment of wills or trusts.

Our client-focused approach puts you firmly at the centre of everything we do and forms the basis for helping you manage your wealth in a way which best reflects your personal circumstances. We understand that when we do this well, you not only become a long term client, but also an advocate for CBH Asia’s wealth management services.

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