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Insurance Solutions

Insurance Solutions

CBH Asia covers a wide range of insurance products and solutions ranging from.

CBH Asia operates as a licensed Insurance Broker with the Insurance Authority (IA) in Hong Kong, since 1993. As such, we have an experienced team of insurance specialists, who are well positioned to advise our clients on all major areas of insurance.

Protecting wealth is as much about protecting the lifestyle of those we cherish as it is about the security of capital. If the unexpected happens as inevitably it does at some stage, it is important that we have had the foresight to take steps to limit the impact for those most affected. This means ensuring that our families continue to enjoy the lifestyles they have become accustomed to, education continues, wedding plans proceed and an effective hedge is provided against punitive tax liabilities on estates.

Private Placement Life Insurance

Variable Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance

Index Universal Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Whole of Life Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Medical Insurance