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CBH Group Media Releases & Corporate News  CBH Bank launches a new personalized payment cards issuing service

CBH Bank launches a new personalized payment cards issuing service

CBH Bank is pleased to announce the launch of a full range of card issuing solutions for private and commercial banks. With its Visa and Mastercard membership, CBH has built over 6 years of experience in issuing payment card programs dedicated to its private clients. It has now decided to extend its offer externally, also in line with its strategy of developing in-house banking technology.

A complete card offer and customized solutions
CBH is the holder of a BIN (Bank Identification Number) for a full range of card types: prepaid, debit, credit, which it can issue in virtual, plastic or metallic form. Many program solutions are available, either in the form of BIN-sponsorship or co-branding. CBH accompanies its client throughout the life of the program and takes care of its implementation with the different service providers (networks, processors, card printers, etc.).

An offer that guarantees security and the latest technologies
Thanks to our powerful and easy-to-use proprietary platforms in Desktop or App form, and/or direct access to our APIs, CBH guarantees a totally secure and digitalized experience, as well as smooth transaction management. Our IT platforms allow us to offer onboarding solutions, as well as many modern security features, such as 3D-Secure, card blocking or deactivation, PIN renewal or restrictions on certain transactions.

“We are delighted with the enthusiastic response to this new service offering” comments Antoine Zuber, Product and Development Manager at CBH “made possible by our dedicated team of industry experts and experienced developers”.

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